How to Dress Like a Hippie style

Hippies style and bohemian breath again dominated the catwalk. From New York to Jakarta, a touch of distinctive style of the '70s was seen coloring the runway. It was proved that the Hippie style is still very popular today. Wanna have Hippie style? Thi is it ...
1. Do have a flower. I know the song says "in your hair" but the truth is That it's hard to get the Things to stay put.
2. No flower? Go for the Pocahontas headband.
3. Hair is long and "unkempt looking." (My mother's words) But it is clean. Yes, We washed our hair. Hey, deep down We Were Baby Boomers from suburb.
4. Could Women wear a mini or even micro skirt Had she provided decent legs. A chain belt was groovy. Boots or go-go boots were the resource persons okay too.
5. Men - Jeans, the grungier the better. Leather vests were the resource persons too big.
6. Fringe - for all. Vest, jackets, pants, shirts. Could Be Anything fringed.
7. Peace symbol. Every last one of us Had at least one peace symbol.

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