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Catherine Weitzman - was born and raised in New York. Education, 1994 Classic Italian ironworker. 1995-2000 Traveling with her husband and co-creator, Scott Diamond: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, India, Nepal, New Zealand, Micronesia, Japan, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, Morocco, Egypt. Apprentices in traditional artisans throughout the world. 2000-2003 Returns to the United States to begin Catherine Weitzman hand jewelry, San Francisco, California. Stores begin to make jewelry available. The work is well received and it increases with each new collection. 2004-2005 hand moved production studio in Honolulu, Hawaii. 2006-2007 Manhattan Living between Hawaii and generates a large amount of work inspired by the two islands. 2008-2009 opened a showroom in downtown Manhattan for sales and press inquiries. Collection 2010 in stores on five continents.

Blackbird Necklace

Branch Locket and Leaf Charm 

Charm Necklace


Fade on Chain Necklace

Large Ginko Necklace

Small Ginko Necklace

Union Leaf Necklace

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