How to Choose Accessories

1. Matching.

Notice the details, materials, colors, motifs used clothes by you. Motifs that have been "crowd" is not suitable to be integrated long necklace or brooch. If your clothes has detail in the chest, should not have to wear a necklace, you can wear a bracelet that matched the style of dress, or a choker type necklace. Hitting color? Its okay, if mono-tone outfit (only one color) you can use accessories with matching or contrasting color. if there is some color / pattern, choose a matching color with your accessories.

2. Always up-to-date with the latest fashion trends is never mind, but do not let you lose yourself. Choose accessories that are not only stylish, but also make you stay comfortable.

3. Trade mark. Getting people always remember you through your accessories and style which is unique and love to be ruled out. For example, wearing a necklace with a unique model and "eye-catching. " Wear clothing that simple, innocent.
1. Do not wear all the accessories that you like at the same time, although all are goods most trend this century.

2. Getting people always remember you through your accessories, but if you always wear it in the same place, after a long time will no longer looks unique. In fact, just plain and boring. Use your collection of alternate and adjust with the clothes and your activities.

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