How to Choose Glasses According to Face Shape (tips)

Beside from being a tool of vision, glasses can also be an accessory to beautify your appearance, here are some tips on choosing appropriate glasses according to face shape:

1. Oval face shaped like eggs tend to be more flexible because it can use all kinds of spectacles frames.
2. round or triangular face. Suitable uses frames glasses that have color and elongated shape
3. square face with wide forehead and cheeks. Suitable uses glasses frame made of thin metal would.
4. a round face with wide chin and cheeks, while a small cheekbones. avoid wearing glasses frames that are round because it will make your face look bigger. Should you choose a dark-rimmed glasses frames, frames of this type will make your face more weight.
5. Heart-shaped face with wide forehead and small, should you choose glasses that have frames lengthwise down. It will look more appealing than if you choose glasses frames that extends upwards.
6. diamond face has a narrow forehead. Matches with a small frame glasses geometric shape.


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