Makeup Tips for Young Girls (teenagers)

1. Before you apply makeup, you should wash your face clean. When you applying make up,you should  choose  place that do not cause sweating, facial sweating causes will lead to make up stuck unevenly.

2. Use a powder that is devoted to teens.

3. Test the color by using bright colors and soft to be applied on the eyelids. Do eyelash makeup section using eyelash curler and then use clear or black mascara.

4. If you do not already have good skills in carving eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, then use brown eye shadow, apply with a brush on the eyebrows.

5. Never use bright colored lipstick. Use lip gloss for everyday use or during special events lipstick lip color.

6. Use a blush of natural color to vague to be applied on cheek bone.

7. Try different types of hair styles because it will help complete the make-up that has been done.

Remember to always keep your skin clean, tight and moist. Avoid using harsh products on your skin. Impression of innocence of your face is a real beauty, thus avoiding all kinds of make-up of excess because of overshadowing the natural charm that you have.

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