Tips for choosing a hand bag

Besides can be used to carry goods and supplies, handbag can also be used to beautify your appearance.
Tips for choosing a hand bag:

1. Short posture
If you have short posture, you should choose a small handbag as well. Using a large handbag that will drown you and makes you look as if lost in addition handbag that you wear.
2. Tall and thin girl
If you have your tall and thin posture, you should choose a medium-sized handbag. Handbag model that will make your body look slim and lure people to stare at your face.
3. Girl With Big Hips
They will tend to be more fun staring at the face rather than parts of their bodies. Using handbag is one of the tricks that telling to cover up deficiencies in their bodies. We recommend that you select shoulder bag that hangs just above the hips.
4. Girl With Excess Weight
On the other hand, girls with an overweight want to highlight the region of the foot, not over their bodies. Messenger bag, handbag with long strap is suitable for you are overweight
5. Petite girls
If you are a petite girl, you should not wear too small handbag. Handbag that is too small shoulder bag mainly because it will just make your body appear larger size.
6. slim posture
If you have a slender body posture, then every type of handbag that can fit for you. Every handbag that you wear will support you look. But it must be kept in mind that you should not wear handbag is too big or too small on your body size alone.

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