The Chic Stripes In Spring 2011

Infatuation with the 2010 military fashion was heavily influenced by the army and air force style, which means that the influence naval pieces Hardy has a look in as the military winds tend to spring 2011, we expect the new influences - But that does not mean that the sea is completely ignored.spring 2011 still has something in store. Do not think it strictly as a military nautical trend, however. However, in 2011, the classic blue and white palette, used as key bands. I do not think that one of the bands was a trend of clothing: you can work in any part of a team (but not all at once, please). As you can see in the gallery inspired stripes can dominate a place in everything from hats murderer mini-dresses. 2011 the return of bell bottoms - an original style, with his pants U.S. Navy sailor - also presents the perfect opportunity to create water features. And of course, a striped top with flares is a combination that also lends itself to a perfect 70's inspired look.

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