The Girls Fascinating Choker Necklace

Many of the latest fashion trends that we have presented have been obviously affected by a period, movement or style. This is a trend of jewelry, however, that there is no point trying to pigeon hole. It's clean, simple, minimalist and modernist. But it is also inspired by the ancients. We're talking cold, hard, strong metal shaped in different headlines and necklaces, and if it is gold or silver, copper or bronze, it is hard to look right now, and one that will be earnestly carry over to fall / Fall 2011 is in fashion.

As neutral tones and clean cut minimalism easily answered its way into fashion, so were the accessories minimal, taking over from their counterparts ostentatious. It's a natural progression from clothing to jewelry, and it is not surprising that minimalism as strong in 2010 is still played in 2011 through our accessories. To this end, this trend is not particular about the ornaments or watermarks or embossing or any other form of decoration of flat bars of solid metal (as in the example above, Elie Saab) and perhaps - if anything - a simple configuration stone or two.

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