Looks great with Hijab

One time, a site about the girl gives tips on how to perform PD with a tank top despite the big arm. I also responded that the dress closed the aurat (plus hijab headscarf) is the smart solution for the girl without having to fuss about the size of the arm. Sequel is to survive in their respective opinions. The site states that we should respect those choices in selecting clothing. I also do not mind because opinions about the veil and the headscarf was also a personal opinion as a woman. You still remember the case of our friend's apartment wearing a scarf around the 90's? If you do not remember, should really ask the parent, brother or aunt you. At that Muslim women wearing headscarves were expelled from public school classroom because some self-defense to cover his private parts (Wow, a new hood pake aja question, how to use complete with a scarf if yes?). Okay, that's old school year (the past). The most recent incident on the moon yesterday, that a journalist of a television station banned from wearing headscarves when interviewed the mother of the president in the palace. Yes, we know, our president's mother do not use a veil, let alone covered. Stay kalo sampe proteokoler party palace ngelarang journalist was wearing a veil when interviewed mothers name kebangetan president. Hmm. This is similar when the presenter Sandrina Malakiano decided to wear Muslim dress, she even banned on television screens again with various excuses. Herman, uh, surprised deh! So, from some of the examples above can be seen in fact anyone who does not respect anyone. If someone recognizes him as a Muslim, then it's no special rules concerning the procedures for dresses. So I can not arbitrarily in the name of freedom of choice or even use the pretext of human rights. Modern girl dress Gaulislam loyal readers, many people mistake the modern if it is dressed in a spit aurat. Tank top, mini skirt, you can see (everything?), Even the navel is the style of dress was on sale a modern girl. People who think this must have been drunk. Try Flinstone cartoons you watch the settings are stone age. Or maybe the movie Robin Hood and Xena the settings are the ancient medieval. Clothes are used there is very minimal, almost all girls private parts on sale all the cast especially. So, how dong with several tribes in Indonesia who are traditional garments such as the Asmat koteka? Try you see, how life and the level of thinking tribe. It should be a shared task to build inland tribes who still lay on Islamic law and close the aurat. Not even made a spectacle as a tourism asset by reason of preserving the national culture. Pity them. Imagine if you are in the position they dress, little has became the spectacle. Sure it feels uncomfortable. Nobody said that if they live in modern times. That there are those living in the stone age, ancient, old school and the principal fool aka ignorance. Whose name is that when modern humans were clearly different from the animal that is when their minds are perfectly utilized. Intellect is what leads people to have embarrassed and faith. If shame and faith is then automatically people will choose clothing that covers the genitals as berbusananya style. This really fits with what is commanded by Allah in Surah an-Nur: 31 and al-Ahzab: 59 that the veil and Muslim women wear the hijab is when they go out. Rational and reasonable, that the characteristics of Islam. Included also in regulating the dress of women, Islam is far more modern than religion or ideology and culture anywhere in the world. This is because Islam was revealed by the Mahamenciptakan man himself, so he also has the right to regulate it. On top of that, modern or not someone can be seen from the patterns of thought. The mindset is what will determine the pattern of attitude he included in terms of choosing clothes. So despite the exorbitant degree, a house in the elite, but the latest car wearing a mini skirt and tank top, was immediately able to see the quality of their ways of thinking. All natural materials mentioned are just accessories alone, not touching the core. Jilbab, modern clothes Boys and girls gaulislam community, the veil that women wear modern and civilized. From this fashion as well, seen a person's identity if he is Muslim or not. Hijab is a garment that piety is proof of the submission of a servant to the creator. Anyone who mock this pious clothing, that means he is also ridiculing the Creator, which lowers the rule. Quite often veiled Muslim women have a trial of such slanted voices called 'goody-goody-is', 'sanctimonious', and various other names. Let it be, Non. Instead of having to be a quasi-pagan and a dissident commandments of God, it is far worse and despicable thing to do. Cuekkin just not important comments like that. As for you who still have not veiled (especially not yet covered) for one reason or another, from this moment you intend to change. You never know when the arrival of his death. No need to wait veiled when already married. Or some even vowed to veiled when keterima at public universities (PTN). Then if not keterima in PTN, kewajibab headscarves could fall? Of course not. Whose name shall be the law required it, do not have to wait for certain conditions such as if keterima in PTN. If any such girl ketrima in PTN, then it means that his intention was not for God, but because it simply fulfill vows. It is not possible, he is also half-heartedly because berjilbabnya wrong intentions from the outset. On the way, she finally opened her headscarf and back Umbar aurat. Not really deh! Buddy Muslims, veiled is beautiful. But not because then we would see this beautiful scarf. How many women are veiled because after mematut yourself in the mirror, they feel more beautiful. So when hooded (especially if sampe veiled) to make himself not look pretty, then these people will not want covered. Lots of expression that states are reluctant to wear the hijab because it will just make her look fat and unattractive. Despite knowing that the hijab is a commandment of God, they are more interested in what human words than the words or the word of God. Hopefully you're not the type of women like this. Scarf, pearls in the window Gaulislam loyal readers, veiled women like beautiful pearls in the window. People who then ply could see without being able to touch, much less staining. Pearl can only be purchased with an expensive price and the seller's permission. Not rare pearl in this window equipped with a safety lock for maintained its purity. Compare with women who are not veiled. They are like pearls on sale on the sidewalk. Everyone can not only see but also touch. Quite often the hands that touch the pearl was stained so that no longer make the brilliant white pearl. Defect-defect was perched on a beautiful surface. If the seller off guard, there could be a sneak thief and steal the pearl from where he was. Yes, pearls in the window is a veiled Muslim women who can only be touched by men who dare to utter faith ceremony in front of the guardian and witnesses. The name of God as a guarantee that this man would keep the Muslim until later accounted for before court. Pearl was awake honor and dignity, equal to its efforts to comply with the rules as well. Pearl foot five, we all already know how fate. In between these options, intelligent Muslim women must know which one to take. Because already sunatullah that God will pair a good woman with a good man too, so instead (Surat an-Nur: 36). This is the promise of God. But a Muslim salihah not a goal that became incarannya. Ridho God is everything above all purposes. So, from now straighten niatmu when previously there is another intention of soiling your decision to veiled. Oya, if only limited to hooded, upgrade to be able to wear her hijab headscarf plus (a kind of a loose baju kurung, width and thickness). Deh confident, worldly intentions that age did not last long. How many Muslim women are veiled (including wearing a headscarf) because it just wants to be married soon, after the marriage took off her veil, including the headscarf. Because the goal has been achieved, especially for wearing veil and hijab? Naudzubillah. But if the aim is pleased Allah, whatever obstacles and hurdles that face because of his decision in a veiled, it will not shake. Instead, he will be more rigid in maintaining its identity as Muslim headscarves. So young Muslim friend, do not just veiled wrote, but to also increase their levels veiled. God willing, going to cool deh positive because it shows the character of a woman who had principles. You will never be swayed by fashion trends ignorance dressed modern guise. Since fashion trends are everlasting veiled which will not be cracked by age. Therefore, there is no other choice for a woman who already had self azzamkan strong or determined to be a Muslim unless dressed in accordance with prescribed by Islam. So, let's headscarves from now! Sparky

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