Modern kebaya

Kebaya is a traditional clothes from Indonesia. Although age is not young anymore, but the kebaya still much in demand by women. Kebaya which was once a traditional dress, now changed into the clothes that most preferred by women. Currently kebaya also still have the same function, but who progressed rapidly, especially in terms of model, design, materials selection and fabric patterns and colors in use.
And who is more special, the model is not only worthy of a modern kebaya worn by the group of elderly mothers or mothers, but also all women regardless of age. So young people do not have to hesitate to use it, especially when attending official events.
One official who often even always use modern kebaya as the main thing is the wedding dress. And this happened not only in traditional bride, but also the modern bride.
Modern kebaya for his model bride quite many and varied. We can more freely choose the type of kebaya.
Here is a tip a tip which can be used as a reference to choose the model of a modern kebaya to be in accord with the desire.
1. Determine the first type of model kebaya modern bride who wants to wear. To color, adjust the color with the aisle decorations. Similarly with the concept design. This should be prepared several weeks before the event or wedding reception was held.
2. Size should not be too loose, but also not too tight. If too loose, then the model kebaya worn modernyg less look good. Because the main characteristic of the kebaya is the highlight of the body to make it look graceful. However, if too tight then the body will feel uncomfortable because it is difficult to move.
3. Bride who had a small chest, you should choose the model of a modern kebaya which have decorative sequins on the front. The goal to create an impression in the chest containing it. As for which a large breasted, of course, must choose kebaya yg plain but colored but still interesting and elegant. If still want a presence decoration, preferably in the form of embroidery which is also the same color with the color of the fabric.
4. Then for which have small or thin body shape, then the model is suitable modernyg kebaya yg shanghai models have a collar. This impression will be able to disguise thin and make the body look more dense and contain.
5. To kebaya yg marriage contract should be charged using a soft color and discreet reply. This will cause the smell of sacred and solemn. While the reception to be able to use materials and colors which is more festive, as distinguished ornate brocade pearl or other accessories in order to emit happiness.

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