Be a star in prom night

Looking for a party dress for prom night is always so busy for the girls who want to appear cool. No wonder really, prom night event it once in a lifetime moment, and probably the last day where you can style in front of friends in a gang or boy friend in school. So preparation is very necessary.
Actually, the style of prom dress this year is not far away from the more trendy styles. Each costume will 'smell' a few trends that are still fresh in the year. Like the vintage styles, the balloon model, jumper dress, a touch of crochet bolero, display big buttons, accessories giant size, until the layering style harajuku style and so forth.
This year prom night will be more colourfull with something more "liking me. " For example harajuku style that inspired some young people to become a costume to the separation.
Although the style is simple but we can combine them with flashy accessories that attract attantion. If you not want to wear a dress, you can also select two pieces, a tank top combined with a round skirt or a skirt would also look beautiful clock
Prom dress this year will be dominated by bold colors and everlasting like metallic silver, and gold. Besides black and white also will be the second choice because the color was still on the leaves, aka trend. Do not forget the other colors are also not left behind him like a red hot, and the colors. Combination colour would also be an option because everything is full color does not ever miss teen tested

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