Shining like Emma watson...

Who doesn’t know with Emma Watson. Young artist who shines in the Harry potter film is very talented. This pretty girl also became a favorite of teenagers.Wanna beautiful like emma?
This is the secret ...
1. Start with a healthy diet. This is the key to making any clothing look good. Follow a basic high-fruit, high veggies, low sugar, low-fluorine diet. Try to track your calories if you feel you're overeating. Emma uses sports to stay fit and keep her lean look. She's a huge fan of field hockey but Also enjoys a net ball and golf. Enjoy your time outside and get a workout by hiking, playing sports with friends, and biking.Emma has said many times she's not Afraid to sweat and feels most beautiful after a good game of hockey.
2. Your healthy diet will do wonders for your skin. Appropriate Pick a skin regimen for your skin type (do an eHow search) and stick with it. With skins, the most Important thing is diligence. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day Also helps give you a flawless complexion like Emma's.
3. Jeans Topshop and Reiss Jacket
Emma 'style is simple and elegant. She stated in Teen Vogue that, Pls note at premieres, she lives in Topshop jeans, Ralph Lauren Reiss or jackets, and flats. This skinny jean, top adorable, and Comfy yet cute shoes combo is a gold mine of fashion.Comfort and style INTERSECT perfectly with an outfit like this. With A Few Hundred dollars cans you buy one or two pieces from her favorite lines and pull together the perfect look Emma
4. A Fresh Face
She always keeps her makeup very natural. Generally she opts for a sheer pink lip gloss with a light pink blush. Her eyes are always curled then coated in black mascara and neutral eye shadow for daytime and shimmery silver eye shadow for the evening.If your skin Is not Quite WHERE You Want it yet, you cans use a foundation to accomplish That creamy look. But be sure not to put on too much - Emma Would never be seen wearing cakey makeup. Do not forget to keep your eyebrows well-groomed; Emma's strong pair really help define her face
5. Casual and Elegant Looks
Emma Wears her hair Wavy and natural Pls it's down. Accomplish this look by curling your hair with medium curlers and then tousling Them to create loose waves. For a more sophisticated look, Emma Often pulls her hair back in a side-parted bun or twist. This style is very Appropriate for a nice lunch out or a date. If you have a light brown hair color, you cans Also add blonde highlights in as she has done over the years
6. Simple Accessories
She always picks classy, simple accessories. Her jewelry is usually very simple, but if she does choose an ornate piece, she lets the jewelry do the talking and keeps the rest of her outfit simple. She likes to top off a classic outfit with a full scarf and carries a nice-looking handbags. Invest in one or two high quality bags cans That you wear with everything (try black and / or brown) to add give your outfit a luxe look.

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