how to dress like christina auguilera

Christina Aguilera has changed her look many times since hitting the charts 8 years ago. Aguilera has worn clothing as diverse as sweeping gowns and burlesque attire to create different images for her music. You need to think about an accompanying personality change when you switch looks like Christina Aguilera.
1.   Resort to platinum blond curls as your default hair setting when you change your look like Christina Aguilera. The singer's pure blond hair and bouncy curls have reappeared throughout the evolution of her stage persona.
2.   Change your hair color and length with the help of a qualified stylist before big events. Aguilera has gone from multi-colored shoulder length hair to tight brunette curls by using esteemed Hollywood stylists like Peter Sadik.
3.   Invest in a risque camisole and a hair crimper to replicate the look of Christina Aguilera in the "Lady Marmalade" video. A review of this hit video on YouTube will help you replicate the eccentric 19th-century apparel and modern makeup of Aguilera (see Resources below).
4.   Think outside of the box when preparing to look like Christina Aguilera during her Xtina phase. Aguilera adopted a dirty-girl image with dreadlocks and black hair extensions to replace her blond locks. You can adopt the Xtina image permanently by acquiring a tattoo of your nickname on the back of your neck.
5.   Simplify your look like Christina Aguilera with an elegant black-and-white dress. Aguilera wore an ivory Valentino dress to the 2007 Primetime Emmys that was lauded by FabSugar and other bloggers for its classic look (see Resources below).
6.   Grab the attention of friends, family members and strangers with elaborate stage outfits. Christina Aguilera's use of Roberto Cavalli costumes for her Back to Basics global tour showed her desire to take her stage performance to a higher level. You can use photos of Aguilera's Cavalli outfits in "People" to work with a tailor in your community (see Resources below).
7.   Show off your belly during pregnancy like Christina Aguilera with fitted clothing. Aguilera wore hip-hugging jeans, tight T-shirts and stylish accessories to play up Hollywood's love affair with pregnancy. Avoid traditional maternity wear if you want to attend public events where plenty of photos will be taken.

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