How to Dress Like Avril Lavigne (tips)

1.      Wear dark colors. Avril is most commonly seen in black, whether dressing up or casual. When she's not in black, she is usually seen in dark grays, greens and sometimes red. Her colors make a definite statement just like her overall style.
2.      Accessorize with masculine items. She keeps her jewelry minimal. It is often a wide cuff for a bracelet, a long pendant necklace and sometimes even a necktie. She has even been seen wearing chains.
3.      Keep hair long and naturally styled. Her hair is long and straight and is rarely seen other wise. She is not afraid to try different shades and colors, from platinum blond to shades of red to black streaks.
4.      Wear big black boots. She is often photographed in combat boots, among other black styles. She wears them with everything from jeans to trousers to skirts and dresses.
5.      Have many Chuck Taylor shoes. She wears them in various colors, but most commonly black. Once again, wear them with everything from jeans to skirts.
6.      Wear printed t-shirts. She is most commonly seen dressed casual, donning printed t-shirts with everything from jeans to skirts. They are not usually colorful or feminine.

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