How to Dress Like a Punk (tips)


1.      Build your punk style from the ground up by wearing Dr. Marten boots or Chuck Taylor All-Stars sneakers.
2.      Wear a kilt, leather or denim slim-fit pants with a T-shirt that promotes your favorite punk band or a strong political belief.
3.      Customize your clothes by slashing or ripping them, and place laces or pins over the tears to hold them together.
4.      Alter the look of your clothes by splattering bleach or paint on them.



1.      Enhance your punk look with torn fishnet stockings, bullet or studded belts, metal spikes, patches and buttons.
2.      Wear safety pins (in your pierced earlobes) as earrings, military-style dog tags as necklaces, and rubber gaskets as bracelets. You may also hang a straight razor blade around your neck with a chain or pieces of a string for an edgy, dangerous-looking accessory.
3.      Top off your punk look with a military jacket.

Hair and Makeup

1.      Dye your hair in a bright hue such as red, orange, blue, green or purple and wear it in a spiked, Mohawk, shaved or partially shaved style. You can also bleach your hair white or platinum blond, or dye it jet black.
2.      Adorn your eyes with heavy, black liner and mascara or decorate your face with sweeping, bold-colored eye shadows that extend to the hair line.
3.      Apply bright red lipstick to your lip

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