Look Beautiful in Summer (Tips)

Hot sun in summer, we definitely want to dress comfortably. With the dresses are comfortable and equipped with the right accessories.

Below are a variety of accessories to complement your appearance in the summer:


straw bag will give natural impression

2. Hat

To avoid the heat of the sun that can damage the faces and our hair so it means you need a proper complement of a hat.

3. Earring

Summer should show a bright colorful, earrings, flower model is also suitable for use.

4. Glasses

Just like hats, glasses are also accessories that are not allowed to forget

5. Sandals

  This summer,  your choice of footwear on nude-colored shoes

6. Necklaces and bracelets

Acessories summer for the necklace and bracelet this time is more appropriate to use alloy accessories that are inspired from natural elements with a global fashion ethnic or tribal motifs to initiate a harmonious appearance.

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